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Wazoogles - Superfood Protein Blend - Plant Power

Wazoogles - Superfood Protein Blend - Plant Power

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Wazoogles Superfood Protein Smoothie Blends are a wholefood meal replacement offering plant-based protein, superfood nutrition and supplemental health, all in one delicious scoop.
Plant Power is our signature green alkalizing blend, featuring some of the most powerful plant-based ingredients known to man, moringa, spirulina and wild-harvested baobab. With added chia seeds, maca root, wild-harvested mesquite and lucuma fruit, this surprisingly delicious green blend will assist your body to alkalize, detox, curb cravings, increase gut health and immunity with vitamin C and pre-biotic support.
Best enjoyed as a smoothie or smoothie bowl, blended with frozen fruit for a delicious creamy texture!
€¢ Vegan
€¢ Halal
€¢ Certified Organic
€¢ Gluten-free
€¢ 12 g of plant-based protein per serving
€¢ Detox & Immunity
€¢ Packed with Superfoods

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