About Us

Pollywog is South Africa’s core online surf store and travel experts. Born out of a passion for surfing and the ocean, our goal is to recreate the stoke that every surfer, beginner or pro, feels when in the water. This is the Pollywog experience.

A one stop online surf store offering a sick selection of product from premium brands, a huge range of the world's best surfboards for sale, along with hand-picked surf travel packages.

At Pollywog we have been fortunate enough to travel the world and surf some of the best waves, staying in some of the coolest spots, so we are well equipped and experienced to offer you a great service in the travel department. We also know how to plan surf trips from South Africa, and how to tailor them for South Africans. Partnered with the largest surf trip operator on the plant, World Surfari's, we have access to the worlds best resorts and charter boards at the best rates. Our very own unrivalled customer services team ensures you will get the very best in global hand-picked surf trips. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate looking for a user-friendly surf destination, or a pro surfer looking to travel in search of tropical barrels, we've got your covered.

When it comes to product we have spent a lifetime growing up in surfboard factories, hell we've even worked in them and wetsuit factories too. Even did our time behind the counter of various traditional surf retail stores. So I guess you could say we know a fair bit about the brands and products we sell, to assist you in making an educated decision with your purchase. A good, well suited surfboard can make all the difference, especially when you are learning to surf - picking the right board is essential.

The Pollywog team consists of core surfers that understand the market, paired with specialists in the e-commerce space. This combination of people and company policy, focused on customer experience and service, ensures Pollywog will leave you stoked with your online shopping experience.

Our focus is simple, we want to take surfing beyond the beach and into the homes of every South African, ensuring that every purchase gives you the miles of smiles it should, while you are in the ocean or cruising the hood.


The real reason for traveling with us will only come for many, after the first personal experience. We weave things together in a very unique way for our customers insuring they are getting an unbeatable deal!

Our travel packages are competitively priced but come with the 24/7 back up service of leading global operator, World Surfaris. This means you, your family, loved ones  and friends travel with complete peace of mind, safely and securely. As a 20 year old business, representing only the charter boat and surf resort operators, who have a proven to be experts wit vast experience and good track record. This ensures you get the best trip possible at the best possible price.

The thing that makes our prices and overall package unbeatable is the exclusive discounts we offer our travelers. With up to 25% OFF on selected products. Getting properly prepared for a surf trip, as any salty sea-dog will tell you, is the most important thing you can do for yourself. The right surfboards and equipment for the spot you visiting can easily make or break your trip. We have personally surfed a huge number of these spots so are more than qualified to offer sound board and other advice. 

We are also offering our inbound travelers free travel insurance for their stay in Africa. 


Pollywog is a proud affiliate to Travelstart ZA. This means when you search for flights with us, you'll get results from all the major international airlines and low-cost carriers, neatly displayed in one table – lowest prices first of course - so that you can compare costs with ease and find that perfect ticket that works with your schedule and budget or trip you have booked with us. Once you’ve decided on the best flight for you, book and pay online in one seamless transaction – you can do the same to reserve your surf or island trip with us. Taking the hassle out of your travel planning, our friendly efficient age will professionally assist you with any changes, queries or concerns you might have, so you can focus on the fun stuff, like shopping for new boards, fins and accessories for that next surf trip.

We have a great loyalty program for people booking flights with us. There is a monthly prize for one lucky flyer, anything from a soft top surfboard, watch, wetsuit or surfboard. Every flyer is guaranteed a mystery discount once their flight is booked with us which means significant savings on high ticket items in-store.