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Rusty - Miso

Rusty - Miso

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Note: Custom Spray is not included. Custom built with a 21-day turnaround.


The MISO is an all around board. Not a fish, but kinda fishy.

The 5’6 runs approximately 14.0, 19.25, and 15.35 in the tail. The split is app 7.25. volume 26.5. A 6’4 numbers are 14.00" x 20.5" x 15.4" 2.55 thick 7.5 corner to corner 36.5 Liters.

The template is quite curvy. Despite the hard wing in the outline, the template maintains its curve.

Bottom: the entry is fairly flat, mid is a shallow con that grows into a moderate double con/vee, +- .16 that peaks around 16 to 18 inches up from the tail. The tail rocker is fairly aggressive. Short arc turns. The overall extra template width adds area which helps to generate lift. The lower apex rails also contribute to lift as well as a quicker setting rail.

Originally designed for smaller days. As it turns out, they perform great in medium size surf. Versatile. 

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