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Peter Lawson

Peter Lawson Weekend Warrior

Peter Lawson Weekend Warrior

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When your work diary doesn€™t coincide with your surf diary, then you need the Weekend Warrior. This has been my best seller for the past 10 years. This board is great for beginners, intermediate and good surfers. Surfers that have been out of surfing for a long time and can only surf once or twice a week struggle to get back on performance boards end up loving this board. It€™s also great for surfers that are 6€™2€� or taller and weigh 90kg to120kg. The WW ranges from 6€™2€� to 7€™2€�. All the width and volume is under the chest for easy paddling and stability to catch waves easily.

This board has a low entry rocker with single into double  concave and a gentle vee tapering through to the tail. The rails also taper from the middle through to the tail. The round tail is important as it straitens the rails out for more drive speed through the turns. So depending on your height, weight and ability this could be seen as a performance board for some surfer.

Tail: Round

Wave Size: 2- 8feet

Fins: Thruster


  • 6€™2€� x 201/2€� x 2 1/2€� - 34L
  • 6€™4€� x 201/2€� x 2 5/8€� - 36.9L
  • 6€™6€� x 203/4€� x 2 3/4€� - 40L
  • 6€™8€� x 21€� x 2 3/4€� - 43.8L
  • 6€™10€� x 21€�x 2 3/4€� - 43.8L
  • 7€™0€� x 211/4€� x 2 3/4€� - 45.7L
  • 7€™2€� x 22€� x 2 3/4€� - 48.9L
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