Ocean Experience Package

R 3,750.00


Package includes:

  • 1 free SUP or surf lesson
  • 2x beach walks

Optional extras:

  • Scuba diving 
  • Microlight flights
  • Diving with sharks
  • Visit to Croc World Conservancy

An Introduction to the ocean - KZN South Coast

We've all seen or heard about the ocean in one form or another...........but have you formally been introduced to the ocean and all it has to offer?

The fun starts here with the best possible intro you could hope for. You will learn about the dangers of the ocean, the beauty of it's creatures, the changing of the tides, the various activities we can enjoy and of course the list goes on.....

This family, friend, couples and anyone else who wants to join in.  Ocean getaways are all about sunrises, sunsets, salty eyeballs and wind swept hair. We'll have you watching sunrises that take your breath away and giving you insight into the ocean and the beach environments.

Your place of residence during your stay with us will be in a beautiful coastal forest, teaming with bird life and a short 3 minute walk from a pristine conservancy beach. The wooden cabins are old school but neat and clean. Each has a braai and garden entertainment area making for a very relaxed and tranquil setting.

For the South African winter months an adventure like this will be a hard experience to beat. We'll leave you with a short read on the benefits associated with the ocean to help you make your mind up :)


Surfing has a long history dating back to the ancient Hawaiians and Polynesians. In recent decades, surfing has emerged as a highly competitive, widely recognised sport (it will be featured in the 2020 Olympics in Japan), as well as a very aspirational lifestyle. An important aspect to note about surfing (and indeed anytime spent in the ocean for that matter), is the pleasure or “stoke” factor it delivers for people from all walks of life. Besides the health, fitness and adventure benefits surfing offers, “stoke” is one of the most important and beneficial rewards it confers on participants.

Recently published research shows that people feeling “surf stoked” are, in fact, enjoying a chemical cocktail triggered by the charged ions found in the atmosphere around turbulent water. While surfing, we experience elevated levels of Adrenalin and Dopamine. Adrenalin raises the heart rate and increases the reaction time (the fight or flight reflex), while Dopamine is a chemical neurotransmitter triggered in the body when undertaking pleasurable activities.

While the adrenalin rush may provide an edge in the water, the effects subside quickly once ashore. However, surf-°©stoke remains long after we’re back on the beach. Research suggests these persistent effects of surf euphoria may be attributed to an unlikely candidate: sea spray. The turbulence created by breaking waves alters the physical structure of the air and water, breaking apart water and air molecules and releasing charged ions into the atmosphere. On their eternal quest for perfect waves, surfers inevitably encounter this altered atmospheric state. Some scientists are convinced this abundance of negative ions has a positive effect on mood by triggering the release of Endorphins and Serotonin – the “happy hormones” – and increasing blood flow and oxygen circulation through the body.

4 NIGHTS = R3750

7 NIGHTS = R5750


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