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Captain Fin

Captain Fin Josh Hall Thruster TT

Captain Fin Josh Hall Thruster TT

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Captain Fin x Josh Hall Thruster from our Shapers Series.

The Josh Hall Thruster is a single tab, reduced thruster template with an upright profile, reduced fronts, and a ¼” shallower back fin. This template will work well in any thruster set up from a modern shortboard to a modern longboard. “Slide the Glide” - Josh Hall

Balanced (All Around) 
Size Large - 175+ (79.34 kg+)
Construction  Honeycomb
Flex Medium
Compatibility Fcs Boxes (Twin Tab)
Fin Bag + Fin Key Included

Fin Specification
Side Fins Center Fin
Area 16.52 14.5
Height 4.75 4.55
Base 4.2 4.2
Foil Flat 50/50
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