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The ATV Model is an easy paddler, responsive, and loose. This mid-length "ATV" has a wide point pushed forward of the outline that is sleek and fast down-the-line drive, but full-bodied enough to provide added stability and glide in weaker, slower waves.

With a rolled deck that leaves the meat in the middle of the board to help with paddling and a nicely thinned-out rail that is responsive.

The rocker is a relaxed, long, clean curve running from nose to tail without any radical changes or flips. It is designed for fast paddling and to easily generate speed, carry flow, and smooth turning at any speed with style.

The bottom contour has a double concave with a V built into it. This basically means that the board has no problem rolling from rail to rail, making smooth transitions through turns.

The fin set-up is a 2+1 single box, which gives you options of single fin flowing or the added drive and control of some small side-bites.

Channels are an option if that's your style.

Custom orders Available.


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