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Clayton - The Sickness Surfboard (Spine-Tek)

Clayton - The Sickness Surfboard (Spine-Tek)

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Note: Custom Spray is not included. Custom built with a 21-day turnaround.


Shapers SPINE-TEK® is a globally patented technology and is exclusively licensed to Channel Island Surfboards and Clayton Surfboards. Shapers SPINE-TEK® is a precision moulded fibre-reinforced spine that has been specifically designed & engineered to deliver superior strength, durability and flex based performance to surfboards. SPINE-TEK® innovation enhances the overall responsiveness of your surfboard, injecting it with kinetic energy that transforms into additional speed, power and flow.


The Sickness is a blend of our favorite models with a new modern twist. There are certain boards which as base models have been our best selllers. So we took the Rox model and reduced the entry rocker for more speed and chopped off a little bit of the tail rocker for more drive.

The double concave was replaced by a clean smooth single concave and a simple outline that delivers creativity and performance.The Sickness is a great board for almost all conditions as it loves powerful waves but still manages to carry through the flats on the weaker section.

The Sickness should be ridden the same height as the surfer with standard width and thickness. It comes as a stock squash tail. With the added benefits of epoxy and Spine-tek this model is lighter and faster.

Production is 3 - 4 weeks

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