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Clayton - Retro Fish Surfboard

Clayton - Retro Fish Surfboard

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Note: Custom Spray is not included. Custom built with a 21-day turnaround.

The Retro Fish is an updated version of a timeless classic. From the significant beak nose to the wide fish tail. It has the classic original outline with a flat deck giving maximum volume. This board gives you the float and speed you need to travel through flat sections. The rocker is flat and the tail is a wide deep fish. The significant €œV€� in the tail area combined with the forward twin fins allows for rail to rail surfing on better days. Ridden by surfers at all levels from small to medium size surf. Ride this board a lot shorter than normal and more volume than your normal board. Popular as a twin fin which makes this board unique. This fun and classic design with a modern twist is a great addition to your quiver.
5€™4 20 2 5/8 50 €“ 70 32,5
5€™6 20 1/2 2 5/8 60 €“ 80 34,0
5€™8 21 2 3/4 70 €“ 90 37,0
5€™10 21 1/2 2 3/4 80 €“ 100 39,0

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