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Clayton - Havok Surfboard (Spine-Tek)

Clayton - Havok Surfboard (Spine-Tek)

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Note: Custom Spray is not included. Custom built with a 21-day turnaround.


Shapers SPINE-TEK® is a globally patented technology and is exclusively licensed to Channel Island Surfboards and Clayton Surfboards. Shapers SPINE-TEK® is a precision moulded fibre-reinforced spine that has been specifically designed & engineered to deliver superior strength, durability and flex based performance to surfboards. SPINE-TEK® innovation enhances the overall responsiveness of your surfboard, injecting it with kinetic energy that transforms into additional speed, power and flow.


This was the first ever model done in Spine-tek technology and epoxy and it created HAVOK for me.I could not fathom how good this board went and it is the foundation for every other model in this range. 

The formula was simple. I took 1/8 rocker out of the tail and 1/4 inch rocker out of the nose rocker to compensate for the flex and widened up the tail for more drive.

It has more width in the plan shape for smoother rail turns and fuller rails which make it super forgiving through turns. The HAVOK is ridden 1-2 inches shorter than your regular board and 1/4-1/2 inch wider.

Production is 3 - 4 weeks

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