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Sozinhos - Asu Surf Lodge - Indonesia

Sozinhos - Asu Surf Lodge - Indonesia

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South Africa owned, this surf lodge is on Asu island off Nias in Indonesia.

€œThis project and dream of mine that I started with my Indonesian partner 2 years ago has produced an amazing space that I am proud of and committed to sharing with those surf travellers that are looking for something special on their trip . It is located in this jungle paradise right in front of the perfect left hander barreling wave. We offer boat transfers to other epic surf spots in the area as well as fishing, snorkeling, SUP. I have a deep passion for Asu and all it has to offer. The wave speaks for itself. The lack of crowd could be its biggest draw card. It may be off the beaten track but that's likely what sets it apart from other islands. That feeling of being away from the crowd on a jungle paradise island. Sometimes all people want is to get away from it all, soak in the good vibes that can only come from a place like this. A lot of surfers are fishermen as well and those guys will froth at the options here. Our lodge is in front of the wave and both upstairs rooms have sea views which is unique to Asu island. Our gazebo has the waves lapping on it at spring high tide. The perfect place to chill and take photos. It's fast becoming my favorite place in the whole worldSitting just 10km west of Nias Island, Asu is the small most northern of all the 8 Hinakoe Islands.€�

It is a quiet paradise island with clear blue water covering the shallow coral reefs that surround it. The calm waters of the palm covered south and eastern sides with white sand beaches lead up to the energy rich north and western sides where jungle gives way to small beaches and deep fingered gully€™s that stretch into the deep blue Indian Ocean.

The Dream€¦
Out of season good swells arrive in Asu and amazing waves go unridden and unseen.
Scoring this wave alone with no one around is any surfers dream
Imagine letting 7 perfect set waves go by unridden because you€™ve chosen the 8th one
The lodge is available throughout the year and we offer good rates for long stays out of season.


We offer you comfortable, spacious accommodation, good food and warm hospitality in a quiet peaceful environment at affordable rates. New to Asu Island, Sozinhos is located in front of the wave so a surf check means looking out of your window. Surrounded on 3 sides by jungle and palm trees and the ocean out in front, you€™ll know you€™ve arrived in paradise.

Ideal for groups and individuals, the lodge has 3 rooms with a maximum capacity of 8 people.


Exposed and open to most swell, Asu gets consistent and powerful waves that rarely fall below head height in the surf season. The wave at Asu is a perfect left hand reef break of over 150 meters long that can be surfed on any tide and breaks from 3-15 feet and can be a fast, €˜down the line€™ freight train that offers 2 tube sections and 1 long barrel section. It can also be forgiving, especially when it gets bigger, allowing easy takeoffs and long rippable walls, offering something for intermediate to expert surfers.

Best time to go - If you€™re planning a trip during the swell stacked months of April through October you€™ll normally experience 2-3 different swells in 10 days with waves rarely falling below head height. A trip planned to coincide with the swells that arrive out of season will reward you with waves all to yourself.

*Does not include beer and cold drinks. 



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