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Aqua Marina

Aqua Marina - Airship Race 22'0" SUP

Aqua Marina - Airship Race 22'0" SUP

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The AIRSHIP RACE 22€™0€� is specially crafted for a team of paddlers, up to 4 riders, totaling up to 460kg.

This is a true race board mixing extreme speed with the team spirits. The streamlined narrow race outline allows riders to paddle very straight in the water for great tracking and incredible acceleration. 

The curved nose rocker and high sides make the 22-foot-long board rise out of water and easily get through the waves. The airship race comes with eight lateral neoprene carry handles for easy transportation and a quicker start in the competition.  It€™s a perfect speed machine for clubs to create team building, corporate events or parties to get more people on the water.


  • QUALITY PRINTING | Full deck and base quality printing for superior optics.
  • DOUBLE LAYERED RAIL | 1000D double layered rail design for reinforced rail protection
  • DOUBLE LAYER TECH | DL Drop Stitch material allows for a stiffer board at a higher pressure of 18psi, 20%-25% of weight reduction combined with 25%-30% higher stiffness 
  • DECK FOOTPAD | Full deck Crocodile grooving EVA footpad, ensuring ultimate grip and comfort.
  • PROFILE | Streamlined outline for clean and fast waterline and efficient strokes
  • BUNGEE SYSTEM | Equipped with adjustable bungee cord stopper to easily tighten luggage.
  • CARRY HANDLE | Eight Solid neoprene carry handles specifically designed for a comfortable grasp 
  • RUBBER PATCHED VALVE | Dual quality rubber patched air valve for a premium and better airtightness in harsh environments. Dual vales and pumps for fast inflation/deflation.
  • FIN SYSTEM | Removable slide-in performance Racing Fin for toolless installation, with excellent tracking ability.
  • UPGRADED ACCESSORIES | Heavy duty ZIP backpack for all your gear; Pump now with a shock-proof gauge for durability.


  • Racing fin
  • 2 Liquid Air V1 High-Pressure double action hand pumps
  • ZIP Backpack
  • Patches & Manual


  • Board size: 22'0" x 34"x 8" [670x87x20cm]
  • Board weight: 23.6kg
  • Board volume: 1000L 
  • MAX payload: 460kg
  • MAX air pressure: 18psi
  • 12 Month Warranty
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