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Futures - AMT Alpha

Futures - AMT Alpha

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This is the template for the 2016 CI Twin Fin.  The design, when hooked up with a small trailing center fin, makes a great loose feeling thruster.  You get the speed of a twin-fin with the positive drive of a tri-fin.  Flat foil on one side.  Comes with two AMT side fins and one center fin specially designed for the CI Twin Fin.  The AMT's Alpha material give this fin a resilient flex pattern while the large area provides ample hold in powerful waves.  

Side Fins:

  • Height: 5.63"
  • Base: 5.04"
  • Area: 20.43"

Center Fin:

  • Height: 2.22"
  • Base: 2.38"


Molded carbon fiber made in Huntington Beach, California that delivers every bit of performance you would expect from an upgrade fin at a Balanced Ride Number.  Incredibly lightweight & resilient, Alpha is the first of its kind; created using one of a kind materials and new technologies developed by Futures.

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