Welcome to the Nomad a purpose built surf adventure vessel well equipped for delivering you in comfort to uncrowded Sumatran reef-breaks.

Nomad Surf Charters

An expert Aussie skipper and a fast speedboat mean maximum surf time! If you’re keen for a little mystery and adventure, then this classic traditional 60ft Indonesian sailing 'Phinisi' makes for the ultimate surf trip. The Nomad has a capacity for a small group of 8 surfers. Get a group together or travel as an individual.

Surfing with us

Trips are flexible and can start in Padang, heading to the Mentawais, Telos or North Sumatra. Scheduled trips are 11 nights but more nights can be added on request. With an abundance of world class waves in the region, this surf adventure will reward those who seek uncrowded perfection. Knowhere is too far for boat owners, Mick & Jake who will go to great lengths to find un


Nomad Charter has a cozy 8 person cabin that is fully air-conditioned for your comfort. It is also clean, spacious and a comfortable place to rest after a long day in the ocean and under the hot sun.

Dinning on Board

Meals on board Nomad Charters are frequent and plentiful. Not only is his food delicious, there's plenty of it which will serve you well after spending upwards of 5 hours a day in a Sumatran lineup. BBQ seafood, pasta, pizza and Indonesian cuisines fill your plate every day. Be prepared to eat well and eat healthy. You might even go home a few kilos heavier!

A World of Activities

In the very rare occasion the Nomad crew won't have you surfing and 'if' the swell magnet switches off, Nomad is equipped with the best fishing gear. Of course if you don't feel like fishing, you can always jump in for a snorkel and drift around the plentiful lagoons teaming with marine life.

Selecting the right surfboard for Indonesia

Indonesia has loads of different wave options that break predominantly on coral reef. The waves pack a solid punch so thankfully most boards will work. However you want to make sure you have a few magic sleds that will allow you to really enjoy the waves of your life! Check out ideal surfboard options on Pollywog below!

Getting there

Pollywog draws on a wealth of surf travel knowledge and experience to ensure that you get the most out of your surf trip. Book now!

Top Tips

• Pack at least 2 surfboards,

• Reef-friendly sunscreen the Maldives gets seriously HOT.

• Draw Cash (Dollars) as you can’t get any on the island and wont be able to tip the locals, which may leave you feeling quite sheepish.

Image Gallery

Read our Blog to relive our Maldivian Dream

Tales from a Maldivian Dream - Day 1

There are few things in life that generate as much excitement in a surfer as embarking on a dream surf trip to an exotic location with your best friends. That excitement escalates ten-fold when the destination is the Maldives.

Tales from a Maldivian Dream - Day 2

Fatigue has set in...

We have been flying for 15 hours and with barely 2 hours sleep and a full day of surfing ahead of us, it was going to be a long day. We would be digging deep into our fading energy reserves.

Tales from a Maldivian Dream - Day 3

They are right about this left. What a phenomenal wave!

We slept well and woke up to a glorious day on the island. The sun was out and the surf was firing! There was nothing else to do but to go surfing, what a blessing.

Tales from a Maldivian Dream - Day 4

It happened!

I can't believe it, but it actually happened...

The plan was to get up early for the dawnie at Pasta Point. We woke up strong and headed for the water.

Tales from a Maldivian Dream - Day 5

It was our last day at Cinnamon Dhonveli and sadly we weren't in possession of a surf pass to paddle out at Pasta Point.

The resort only issues 30 surf passes at any given time for Pasta Point and unlike other breaks nearby, surf charter boats are not allowed to drop anchor here.

Tales from a Maldivian Dream - Day 6

The wake-up call from reception came at 5 AM but instead of being asleep and resting my tired, broken body, I was wide awake, drinking coffee in the comfort of my bed. I was ready for the next leg of our surf adventure in the Maldives. We were off to surf Lohis, another firing left-hander! Bring it on!

Tales from a Maldivian Dream - Day 7

I woke up at 4:30 AM. It was dark and I couldn't sleep anymore. I was depressed. The reality of going home was sinking in and this Maldivian dream I have been living so fully for the last few days was quickly closing out on me, much like the wave that barreled over me at Pasta Point 2 days ago.