Posted by Richard Edy

Shapers can sometimes feel like girlfriends, if you hit up another one outside of your regular, it almost feels like cheating.

But you really need to try it, as the benefits to your surfing cannot be ignored. With this particular board I was sort of in that position and got gifted a Lunatic by the kind gents at Hurricane. It was my first new board in a while and I had spent the better part of 2 years nursing what used to be a giant quiver.

The Lunatic was produced 2 inches shorter than my regular board and came in at 5’5” with plenty of extra volume compared with the boards in my old quiver. Work had kept me out the water a fair bit so I was not nearly as fit as I used to be. The extra volume really helped on that side of things and I felt it almost immediately as I paddled into my first wave, it just felt so much easier than it did on the old boards, even though it was shorter.

That set up and ease of paddle in made every wave an absolute pleasure to ride. The board itself was a slight hybrid to the regular model and shaped according to my ability.  It had a decent entry-level rocker, slightly fuller in the nose to allow the volume and then a beautiful rail into a super hard edge just before the fins. The single concave running through the fins is the secret turbo boost! These features gave the board and incredible amount of speed and hold through every turn it was astonishing, I’d not had such a short board do that in like, forever. The swallowtail, allowed the board to bite on the bottom turn but give plenty release through the lip.

As a quad the board went incredibly well in the tube especially on slightly bigger days. If you needed a little extra pump in the tube all you needed to do was push on the tail and it came alive! Super responsive, super fast and fitting super tight, into the curve of the wave.

As a thruster just as good if not a little better! Slightly more forgiving but very springy and lively under foot.  The pop on this board made it great in the air (if only I could sort those dam landings) and the fact that it is so small makes it all that much more manageable, giving confidence to try stuff.

This board comes with me on almost every surf trip up or down the coast and will be in my quiver for as long as I’m fit and healthy and surfing at a decent level. Definitely something for the above average surfer but also for the average guy, who will really benefit once they work out how to drive this Lunatic.

I rode this board with FCS set up, as a quad the Stretch’s and as a thruster both the AM1 honey comb and a Julian Wilson snap back technology carbon fin. I could not fault any of the set ups and never had the desire to change or felt there could be something more. Head shaper, Daniel Keggie, did a super job on this one.