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At Pollywog we understand one very important fact when it comes to surfboards, knowledge is power! Matt Biolos is one of the global leaders in surfboard design and technology, always on the cutting edge of design and new material construction. With a global surf team of note providing constant feedback, you can be sure that your board is packed with years of research and development, to give you the maximum amount of help while surfing. This ensures hours of fun in the water and the ability to improve your surfing rather than fighting with equipment that is not right for you. Matt visits South Africa at least once a year to check in on the factory and off course surf the amazing waves we are blessed with here in South Africa. He knows and understands the various wave set ups here in South Africa which is priceless when it comes to getting you the right board.

The world’s all-time best selling fish model. Still goes fast, still allows hard carving turns, still allows a wide range of performance in varied surf, still paddles great…still makes you look good. Designed with low overall rocker and a central concave for lift, into a spiral vee in tail, for control. The RNF5 features a wider tail and 5 fin setup for playing with a multitude of fin options. The RNF is designed as a twin with rear trailer, but works great as a pure twin fin or try all three standard thrusters for different feels in different conditions.

…Everyone should own one.

STOCK DIMS (WITH CUBIC VOLUME IN LITERS): This chart serves as a general guide to what our various models will look like in a retail setting. These numbers are optimum stock dims for the models, to ensure the flow between outline and rocker, but are not set in stone. This both a guide for deciding whether to choose a stock board or custom order one with your own dims; and also a guide for quiver building.

5'5" 19.25″ 2.25″ 26.9
5’6" 19.38″ 2.25″ 27.8
5’7″ 19.50″ 2.32″ 29.1
5’8″ 19.63″ 2.32″ 29.6
5’9″ 19.75″ 2.38″ 31.1
5’10″ 20.00″ 2.38″ 32.0
5’11″ 20.13″ 2.44″ 33.6
6'0" 20.25″ 2.50″ 35.0
6'1″ 20'38″ 2.56″ 36.6
6'2″ 20.50″ 2.63″ 38.4
6'4″ 21.00″ 2.75″ 42.5
R 8,500.00
R 8,500.00

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