Modom Sharkleash - 6ft Black

Modom Surf

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Modom Surf

Big wave surfer, Mark Mathews swears by the Modom Surf Shark Leash and now Pollywog brings it to the shores of South Africa. The sharkleash uses Sharkbanz magnetic technology to reduce shark interaction by emitting magnetic fields.

  • Sharkbanz Magnetic Technology
  • Standard Modom Cuff-with patented magnetic repellant technology
  • Detachable 7mm Polypropylene Cord
  • Modom Fin Key- for interchanging cords
  • Smooth rotating stainless steel anti rust swivels
  • Ultra strong Modom velcro - holds tight in all conditions
  • Detachable Rail Saver
  • Internal Key Pocket
  • Internal Print
R 2,999.99 R 999.00
R 999.00

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