Famous Surf Wax Cold Water




Pollywog is pleased to stock this range of quality surf wax from Famous Surf. Famous Surf is a San Diego, CA based surf company created by a group of life long friends/surfers with the idea of creating authentic, premium quality products with unmatched function, clean style and progressive design. Famous Surf is a one of a kind premium surf company that has brought quality and style to the once bland surf accessories market.

Designed specifically for todays high-performance surfing, Famous Surf wax combines the elements of supreme tackiness, beady texture, and a UV inhibitor which ensures long lasting tackiness under any type of conditions. With our non-toxic biodegradable formula, and recycled FSC packaging, Famous Wax has been earth friendly since day one. All Famous Surf Wax is made exclusively in the USA.

Famous have spent years of research and development all over the world with some of the best surfers to create these three superior formulas that stand alone.

Temperature specs:
Cold: 60-Below F, 15-Below C
Cool: 60-68 F, 14-19 C
Warm: 68-78 F, 20-26 C

R 50.00
R 50.00

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