Posted by Richard Edy

It was a little before the start of winter, days were getting shorter and the morning offshore starting to blow with a little more consistency, meant waves were on the way.

In my line of work here at Pollywog I spend a fair bit of time in and out of the various surfboard factories so get to see all sorts of sleds day in and day out. One particular day I was at Hurricane and a little gem of a board caught my eye, I rudely (sorry) stepped away from the conversation and picked it up. Under the arm my first impression of the Hurricane GP was oh my god this thing has fun written all over it.

A few questions about the board to Ryan Butcher “the big cheese”, then a few moments later, I was marching out of the factory with this little nugget under my arm, with the instruction to give it a burn!

Normally boards can take a while to get used to but I must confess that after just 2 waves of my very first session I felt totally at home on the board. It’s got a fair bit of extra girth upfront which makes it paddle into waves like a dream. Most people forget how important this is because it actually sets up the whole wave.

It’s got a super flat rocker, with a wide straight outline and then a thinner pinched rail, finishing with a rounded pin. Let me just tell you one thing straight up and that is that this thing flies, it has got so much speed to burn it’s a joke! Riding it as a quad made me really think about when and where I was positioning myself because I was coming out of turns with so much speed I sometimes blew the wave. Once I had the hang of it, it was a dream! When you stood on the tail and pushed hard the board responded unbelievably well, giving that springy lively feel you get from the “favorite” boards in your quiver. Being 2-4 inches smaller than your normal board the Hurricane GP fits like a glove in the pocket and holds it’s rail line beautifully, giving a super smooth and easy ride.

After a bunch of very memorable surfs the time came for me to try it as a thruster and I sort of had my doubts. But man it is a very beautiful thing to be proven wrong. The board had all the speed, as the quad but was way more forgiving in the pocket and off the foam. I’ve not changed from the thruster set up and have been riding the board for a little over 2 months.

I’ve ridden the board in waves from 2-6ft and actually cannot fault it, hell I’m even battling to get off it and ride my regular boards. I somehow always end up picking it out of the board rack, which says a lot, as I’m rather spoilt when it comes to boards.

This one will be a keeper and become a permanent fixture in your quiver. I believe the biggest benefits will be for the intermediate average type surfer as the board gives you so many of the key ingredients you need to have fun and feel comfortable on a wave.

Seriously suggest you order one now to enjoy the last of the winter and most importantly the beginning of the summer! Head shaper, Daniel Keggie, did a super job on this one.

The fins used on this board were Futures, AM2 Techflex’s (thruster and quad) and the new #Alpha F8 from Futures. Both set ups highly recommended.

P.S. I’ve still got the demo and rode it my last few surfs. Sorry boys it’s looking a bit beat up maybe I can keep it?