Posted by Richard Edy

As the season shifts well into the summer months, the memories of the cooking winter waves are well and truly just that - memories. We can only mourn for so long, then it’s time to spice things up and get ready for the absolute joy that summer is!

Long sun-drenched beach days with fun little waves, bikini clad ladies, sundowners and the general happy vibe that good old Vitamin D creates.

If you got a super fun board under your feet, it’s way easier to keep the stoke levels high and your froth on, clocking up plenty water hours in even the most average of waves.

Choosing this magical sled can be a challenge so we thought we would put together a selection of boards we can highly recommend, as well as our best sellers. Customer feedback on some of the selected board has been awesome and there is nothing better than hearing happy stories about equipment that works. On the flip side the stories about equipment people have had to fight with, are not cool!

For a lot of weekend warriors and even some more experienced surfers, full knowledge around a bunch of different board models, shapes, shapers, surfboard brands, construction etc. can be completely overwhelming!! Its’ also a handful to research and read up on because there are just so many different options nowadays. We hope this little insight helps you out with some solid, tried and tested options.

Most importantly though when it comes to boards and fins, knowledge is power and one should never be shy to ask, especially about custom surfboards, (which are our preferred option), so we can take the best care of our customers. A board made specifically for your height; weight and skill level is priceless! So don’t ever hesitate to reach out to us: or

For the average everyday ripper summer performance boards

This selection carries a number of the big brand boards, for good reason. These guys are fortunate to have the best test pilots in the world and receive constant feedback on boards to ensure they absolutely fly by the time they end up under your feet.

As a skilled surfer changing things up a little can really help stay motivated in sub par waves.  With Christmas and the holidays around the corner it’s a good time to order to ensure you all set for the holidays.

If you’re shopping for someone else and feeling a little unsure … give the gift of choice with a gift voucher – we even have some on SALE, so you get more for less.

For the Twin fin enthusiasts

Over the last few years the twin fin with a modern twist has made huge comeback! It performs in a variety of waves from beach breaks to running points and is generally super fast and loose!! Sounds like everything summer right there!

For the weekend warrior, retired pro, surfing ladies, old rippers and wanna be’s

This is a selection of some of the most functional, fun and best-selling boards across the globe. Stoke and smile will be on dial level extremely high once you step onto one of these

For the all-round surfboard enthusiasts and collectors

This selection is around sexy looking functional boards, sleds that just want to make you go surfing. Functional works of art, great in the water or just straight up good to look at!

Summer ain’t summer without a Fish

If you have not managed to get it together and put a Fish in your quiver there ain’t no better time to do so. It’s generally a piece of equipment that will live in your quiver for years to come and you will get great usage over a many number of years. They help keep things fun and interesting and are always a pleasant fun change when the waves get absolutely shitty

For the long boarders / loggers

Summer is prime time for a few solid long board sessions. As long as you got yourself in the ocean and you gliding along a few waves you are sure to stay stoked all summer long

For the beginners

Choosing your first board is never and easy thing, the excitement can often take over, resulting in loss of focus on choosing a board that can help your surfing journey. Again, it’s always better to ask for advice and we are just a phone call or email away: or

The below are a few tried tested and proven models that will make your learning to surf journey a pleasure and allow you to progress at a reasonable pace.

And don’t forget to ask for gift vouchers from friends and family so you can buy that custom designed board and be able to choose exactly what you want.