Posted by Richard Edy

As most of us know a soft tops a soft top! Great to learn how to surf, used widely by most surf schools globally, the prefect introduction to the ocean, a chance for people to get their first taste of salt water therapy.

For those that have been lucky enough to ride the Catch Surf Beater boards, you would have experienced the hours of endless fun they provide and the step up in performance they offer. Sadly here in the good old S of A we can't always get the best of the toys and craft available globally so we have to go without if we don't got the dollar to just get it anyway.

Thankfully the gents at Ocean Storm just dropped this little Pocket Rocket

This little nugget is based off one of their short boards which has heaps of speed, great flow and pace. The best thing about this soft top is that it comes with Futures fins slots, either thruster or quad, meaning you can ride glass or other quality fins in the board. This completely changes the game!

I rode it first with the fins supplied and it felt fun, great flotation, decent speed and the ability to throw a turn or 2. But if pushed to hard it tended to skip out a bit. Changing up to the AM TechFlex Futures took this thing to a whole new level! The thruster set up worked well and most would be more than stoked to use this option. On my first test of the quad set up with the same fin AM2 TechFlex I don't think I'm going to be giving this soft top back! Small average days just took on a whole new meaning!

In a nutshell the best possible option for the accomplished surfers that want to have fun and still fly, this will replace the stuff you can't get here in SA no trouble. For the kids out there this is the ultimate learn to surf craft! Fun, safe, manageable, durable! For the folks coughing up for these they will last plenty if looked after correctly. Most importantly a kid learning on these will be able to progress just as well if not better than on a glass short board. They will have the confidence to go for broke on the soft top and charge!